Monday, July 1, 2013

Faith to Climb Mountains

The following quote pertains to infertility but the same applies no matter what trial we are facing. Instead of praying for mountains in our way to be removed, pray for the faith to climb them. That faith helps you endure.

"Ultimately the question for many is, "If faith doesn't mean being able to get what I want, what does it mean?" The answer to that question is not the same for everyone. One infertile woman said that her crisis of faith had been healed by the Savior's example. She had wanted her faithful prayers to heal her infertility. She had tried not to doubt God or His power to heal, and she sought to live the kind of life that she felt merited her Heavenly Father's help. She believed that her faith could remove this mountain of frustrated dreams. Yet, her infertility persisted.

Finally, she realized that Christ, whose perfect faith had healed lepers, given sight to the blind, and raised the dead, and who had pleaded that his bitter cup be removed if possible - had finally been spared neither the agony of Gethsemane nor the pain of the Crucifixion. Christ's perfect faith had not altered Gethsemene, but rather helped him to endure it. This woman came to see her faith in a different light - not as an imperfect faith that had been insufficient to remove her trials, but as a vibrant faith that could help her endure them. Not faith to move mountains, but faith to climb them!" 

- President Gordon B. Hinckley