Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Sun is Still Shining!

The sun is still shining even when it's overcast and grey. I love the majesty and beauty of the sun's rays peeking through the clouds. It's like hope that peeks through the storms of depression. I've been borrowing my father-in-law's UV lamp that I affectionately call the happy lamp. It's been overcast, grey & dismal weather lately and I was willing to settle for some needed artificial sunshine!

A brief glimpse of the sun this afternoon!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Mighty Storms Beat Upon Us

Last night I couldn't sleep. The winds were around 80 mph and it was loud! I heard this crash and looked out the window to see this:

The remnants of the roof
of our neighbor's goat shed.

I couldn't believe it. That roof was heavy and recently built. The wood still looks new. I have done a close inspection but I know that it bent my metal trellis. 

Figuratively there are mighty storms in our lives and we need to strengthen our faith BEFORE the storm hits so that we will be able to be strong and withstand whatever is thrown in our path. A scripture in Helaman 5:12, from a book that was translated by our late prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. (The Book of Mormon), describes this perfectly,

"And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon thearock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your bfoundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty cstorm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall."

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mood Behaviors Research by the Food Hospital

I came across two videos today that have to do with my blog post on November 6, 2013 about food additives and and the effect on mood behaviors. Kind of hits me that as parents we often punish and give consequences for our kids poor behavior but what if it's a result of what we feed our kids??

Friday, November 8, 2013

Gratitude Shown to Veteran Jim Wolf

Here is a story about hope, gratitude, transformation, respect, and love. One man, Rob Bliss, decided to give back to homeless veterans and create a video because he "...wanted to show how a physical transformation for some people doesn’t cover up who they are, but reveals who they could be." One person was able to show veteran Jim Wolf his potential and at the same time say thanks for his sacrifice for our country.  

that “an outward transformation is important, but an inward one is more important,” Marge Parlmerlee said, the lady in charge of the nonprofit Degage which helps veterans. "She said she hopes it also helps change stereotypes to give people a perspective that 'everyone is worthy of being treated with dignity and respect.'”

"We all know that war wounds are not all external,” Parlmerlee said. (Aren't the  mental health wounds we have internal as well?)

"If I can only get people to look at any homeless person on the street and see the mirror image of them — the image of someone who would look socially acceptable — realize that potential, that ‘what if,’ and root for their success,' Bliss said. You can read the full article that these quotes come from by clicking here 

When I shop downtown I see a lot of homeless people. I feel a Christlike love for them and a strong desire to help so I drop off donations at the homeless shelter. For the past two years after Christmas my family has dropped off sack lunches (with uplifting messages written on the paper sacks) at the homeless shelter. Last year my nieces and nephew got involved and it was a lot of fun to see them get excited about it.

The next time you see someone who may look a little scruffy, 
just remember there is 

             a child of God

                                                              underneath all of that.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Only Son

I read an article from the Burlington post's blog that I wanted to share. It talks about a feature film about a veteran who comes home from war and has to face the onset of schizophrenia. You can read that article here

I watched the short film that was produced and I have to say I was disappointed and it kind of made me mad. Most feature films are based on those who have schizophrenia. There is a stigma that exists about mental illness and I worry about the public's perception of mental illness after watching this. 

What one person experiences with one specific illness does not mean another person will a completely different illness will experience those same symptoms. Even with the common symptoms associated with each disease doesn't mean a person experiences ALL of them. The one symptom of a manic phase where a person spends money with reckless abandon just makes me laugh because I can be such a penny pincher that I never even came close to that, even when I was first being diagnosed and experiencing mania. 

Most people who think of those who are diagnosed (with any mental illness) and are in their manic state (or what in other ways can be described as their most severe bout with their specific mental illness) hear voices, are violent, hallucinate, cut out articles from newspapers thinking there are codes and secret messages contained inside, etc. Well, I don't hear voices. My illness is very different. I have been diagnosed with bipolar. I experience anxiety and depression. Medication has helped to stabilize the boat and keeps me from having manic episodes and the severe depression. But I still have anxiety and depression. So that is why I look for other ways to help alleviate those symptoms. That is why I study about chemicals contained in processed foods and in products that are easily absorbed into our skin and into the bloodstream. That is why I like to make things from scratch. I cannot control the fact that I have this disease but you better believe I am going to watch what I put into my body. 

Did you know that red #40 causes irritability? (When asked, my little niece will tell you that it makes her "crazy!" It's kind of cute when I hear her say that). According to this website, it can also cause, 

"severe temper tantrums, fidgeting, aggression, inability to focus, and nervousness. The dye has also been linked to physical symptoms such as stomachaches and headaches."

According to this website as a result of what the scientists have found and what the British Food Standards Agency have decided said that, "UK ministers have agreed that the six colorings will be phased out by 2009." So why is the US behind? Why aren't we changing food standards??? I think it will take consumers creating enough fuss and refusing to purchase products containing harmful dyes and additives. 

Those of us with mental illnesses struggle enough as it is, we do NOT need more "stuff" affecting our behavior and how we feel!


Anytime I see a misconception on television about mental illness it makes me want to fight even harder to educate the public better. I've received training from NAMI and will continue to receive additional trainings from different resources so I can be a better mental health advocate. I will also continue to advocate medicine compliance, becoming a master of your own brain (putting good thoughts in and getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts), natural medicine like essential oils and homeopathics, and healthy lifestyle changes (not diets, because diets don't work!).

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Homemade Deodorant with doTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA has a recipe for a deodorant just using essential oils that you mix and put in a skinny glass roll-on tube that you can purchase online. I used a recipe from a different company that included ingredients like baking soda and beeswax & I also added some of my oils from doTERRA. I chose to use PurifyOnguard, & Bergamont. I love the smell! And the deodorant works great. You can find the recipe I used here

Bacteria is what causes your armpits to smell and the doTERRA essential oils called Purify & Onguard kill the odor causing bacteria. I read that the beeswax acts as an antiperspirant.

When making this recipe, I recommend melting the beeswax first then adding and melting the coconut oil before you add the remaining ingredients. The beeswax took a long time to melt on low heat, but would melt faster if that was the only thing in your pot. 

Have fun making this recipe! I found the beeswax pastilles melt faster, are easier to measure and it is cheaper to buy them through Amazon. 

I was surprised how much it made.
I saved two of my old empty
deodorant/antiperspirant bottles
and still had a 1/2 cup left over.
This deodorant WORKS GREAT and I LOVE it!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Meet Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si

So I've never watched the Duck Dynasty Show but Uncle Si, in an interview with Fox 411, was very open about his son's mental health struggles and the strain it caused on his marriage. I love it when people are open about mental illness. That takes us one step closer to eliminating the stigma associated with it. The more open and honest people are the more educated the general public becomes.

"FOX411: You were also very honest about your son's mental health issues.
Si: Yeah he had some serious problems. The doctors finally figured out the medicine he needed and then everything was fine. Sometimes it's necessary to medicate.

FOX411: It put a lot of stress on your marriage.
Si: Oh yeah but if you think you're going to go through this life without running into some problems then you need to think again. It's not going to happen."

You can read the full interview here