Monday, December 26, 2011

Wise Men STILL seek Him

My husband is such a good example to me of sharing with others. A few weeks ago I asked him if we could buy some Christmas gifts for a needy family in our community. We took our kids shopping with us and made it a fun family activity. Our cart was pretty full with the gifts when my husband grabbed a gift card and added some money to it saying to me, "They could probably use this."

The amazing thing about my husband's generosity is that when I asked him that question a few weeks ago I had no idea about the instability of his own job that he is experiencing lately. (I knew that he was was concerned about his job but I really didn't know the details until recently). When someone is in need, my Mr. doesn't hesitate to help and I love him for it.

The following video contains examples of finding those around us who need our help. I know we can be instruments in our Savior's hands in reaching out to those in need whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual needs.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Who is Mrs. Fuzzle?

What's a fuzzle? Beats me!

Apparently I talked in my sleep a few weeks ago. According to my husband this is what I said,

"I hope the Big fuzzles do their job and I hope the little fuzzles grow into Big fuzzles!"

My Mr. then asked me what a fuzzle was and I just patted his arm. I recalled all of this when he told me and I remember patting his arm reassuringly and I was about to explain but I fell back asleep. My family laughed a lot about our fuzzle story. My oldest thought it was great and kept quoting me all week.