Thursday, March 15, 2012

I read a quote yesterday that comforted me.
I found it in Gerald N. Lund's book called Fire of the Covenant
which is about the Willie and Martin Handcart companies
and the trials and afflictions they faced.
It's by Elder Neil A. Maxwell who said,

"How could we expect to be joyous
and to receive ALL
that 'the Father hath'
if we do not strive to become like Him?
And, in fact, can we,
on our scale,
be like Him
WITHOUT sharing in the 
'fellowship of his sufferings'?
He shares with us His work;
does that not suggest
the need for
our sharing, too,
some of the 

If in all of this there is some
understandable trembling,
the adrenaline of affliction
can help to ensure
that our pace
will be brisk
rather than casual.
His grace 
will cover us like a cloak--
enough to provide for
but too thin
to keep out ALL
the cold.
The seeming cold 
is there to keep us
from drowsiness,
and gospel gladness 
warms us enough 
to keep going."

A little while ago I have a few good weeks in a row
and then seemingly all of sudden
I was depressed.
I was really, really, disappointed.
I had had the feeling that I was finally overcoming
the depression.
But as C.S. Lewis wrote, 
"Our Father [in Heaven] refreshes us on the
journey [through life]
with some pleasant inns,
but [He] will not encourage us
to mistake them for home”
(C. S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain, New York: Macmillan, 1967, p. 103.)

The brief respites and His grace enables us to keep going.

Frequency of Posts

Life's been a little crazy lately and that's why I haven't posted recently.
Plus, I never get on the internet when I'm home by myself and my kids are in school.
And after schook there's homework, dinner, and getting kids ready for bed.
Someone once said that she or her husband don't use the internet unless someone else is in the room.
With all the filth and junk on the internet, this provides a safety net
to keep oneself pure.
I decided that I would do the same to keep myself and my kids safe.
It's like "flying 500 feet above the treeline."
Watch the video below and you'll know what I mean.


As an added side benefit, spending less time in front of the tv and computer
has helped in reducing the frequency of my depression cycles.